About Us

Tim and Sarah Meek: Innovative Entrepreneurs

Tim and Sarah Meek embody the spirit of innovation in Odessa, Texas. From high school sweethearts to dynamic business partners, their journey showcases the power of creativity, adaptability, and community commitment.

Our Beginnings

Sarah's cosmetology expertise and Tim's transition from neuroscience to computer science laid the foundation for their entrepreneurial path. Their story took flight when Tim and his grandfather built an arcade machine, sparking an interest in 3D printing that would change their lives.

Meek Designs: Where Creativity Meets Technology

What began as a custom 3D printing service evolved into Meek Designs, an innovative event solutions company. The Meeks expanded their capabilities to include custom-built CNC machines and large format lasers, pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

Their flagship product emerged from a personal project: customizable marquee letters for events. Paired with a proprietary lighting control system developed by Tim, these letters allow clients to digitally set colors and effects, perfect for any occasion.

Expanding Horizons

While nurturing Meek Designs, Tim's software development skills opened new doors. He co-founded Project Geminae, a startup optimizing investment portfolios for oil operators. Using advanced simulations and machine learning, Project Geminae has demonstrated potential savings of over $1 billion over a 10-year period for their first customer, showcasing the immense impact of their innovative approach.

Tim also serves as Chief Technology Officer at Angel Protection, a venture close to both their hearts. This company develops AI-powered gun detection systems for schools, businesses, and public spaces. The technology aims to significantly improve response times during critical incidents, potentially saving lives. Sarah plays a crucial role as the social media manager for Angel Protection, ensuring the company's mission and innovations reach a wide audience.

A Perfect Partnership

Throughout their journey, Sarah and Tim have proven to be a formidable team. Sarah's expertise in customer relations and social media management perfectly complements Tim's technical prowess, ensuring their ventures connect with clients on every level.

Looking to the Future

As they continue to grow, the Meeks remain committed to Odessa while looking beyond its borders. They have big plans for new designs and more innovations to come in the near future. Their goal is to spread their creative solutions throughout West Texas and beyond, proving that groundbreaking ideas can thrive anywhere.

Tim and Sarah Meek are more than entrepreneurs; they're visionaries and problem-solvers. With each new venture, they're crafting a brighter, more innovative future that extends far beyond their hometown.